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What are all your cool home accessories going to stand on?


You’ve got the sound system, the digital assistant, maybe voice controlled lights and an intelligent heating system. All the gadgets that make a 21st century home luxurious. But that floor they’re all standing on is… er, less than attractive. So what can you do about it? Throw a rug over it? Pull it up only to find ugly concrete or floor boards that just make your stylish, technology laden home look kind of scruffy? You want a look that says ‘on trend’ but isn’t going to drop out of fashion anytime soon. Something classic and classy but that doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of your gadgets and other tech.

So what says effortless cool and lasting class?

A herringbone floor, made from quality hardwoods and professionally fit give you a modern feel–particularly if you choose the right colour–but even when you decide to change up your interior design style, you’ll be able to incorporate this classic style. Hardwearing with both the cosiness of real wood under your feet and the ability to match a host of styles from the modern to the classic, you can relax knowing your home will keep pace with the gadgets you put in it. It’s also a great, smooth and even surface for devices such as roombas and all those similar gadgets that will be released over the coming years. If you’re an audiophile, you’ll also appreciate the way the right floor affects acoustics.

Adding another gadget under the floor?

Another great thing about a hardwood floor, and herringbone in particular, is how easy it is to install underfloor heating beneath it. That’s got to appeal to any gadget lover. Warm feet whenever you enter the room, all at the touch or a button or under the command of your digital assistant.

The perfect home communications setup?

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