The perfect home communications setup?


If you’re passionate about gadgets and want to make your home not only convenient but a space from where you can effortlessly stay in touch with friends and family online, you’re probably already an expert on internet based video calling and web chats. Maybe you’ve even strayed into making your own vlogs or YouTube videos. But are you doing it the right way?

Laptop, tablet, or smartphone

This is the level where most of us stay. Unpredictable audio and video quality at both ends with the risk that any moment a pet might knock the laptop off your lap or the tablet might fall over. Realising that your hand feels like a claw because it’s been holding that phone so long. All for the sake of seeing your friends on a small screen, missing half of what their saying and knowing that they’re experiencing the same thing at the other end. If you’re making vlogs or YouTube videos like this, you have to think about how your videos look and sound next to someone with a professional set up. So where to get a pro AV system and what to look out for?

Dedicated system integrated with your TV or PC

Tempting as it is just to shop around online on sites like Amazon, there’s always a problem of not being certain that the system you’re paying for really is well made and high quality. Sure, customer reviews help, but it’s a good idea to identify a company and check out its products before investing in a system that should last you for years. Scandinavian design and production is rightly considered some of the very best–so a good place to start with sourcing your pro level AV equipment for video calling, conferencing and vlogging is with, UK distributor of top Danish AV solutions.

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